Collectible Toys

At PPI Worldwide we are extremely proud of our collectible toy innovations, especially our current Wikkeez new brand together with Disney licenses, Abatons and the last novelty, our Pixtoys. All these new brands are a continuation of the Gogo's Crazy Bones success, that have been distributed in over 35 countries. Our new brands will also be distributed globally.

We've designed many collectible toy brands that worked exceptionally well in the past 20 years since the launching of our Gogo's Crazy Bones brand. We don't rely on past achievements alone and work hard to ensure we have the right pipeline for future premium hype.

Loyalty Campaigns

We know everything about in-pack and on-pack promotions. When combined with continuity programs, PPI Worldwide is the one that reinvents the special short promotion category.

Our collectible premium assets and expertise, position us uniquely to work with retailers, offering them our past collectible successes and future in-pipeline developments.

Loyalty promotions are undergoing a sea-change with a focus on loyalty campaigns targeted to children. This offers retailers a window of opportunities to increase special short loyalty and sales performance.

Promotional Items

Twenty five years ago, we started working with "in-pack", "on-pack" and "UTC" (Under-The-Crown) promotions and then subsequently ran a myriad number of promotional campaigns, with special focus on children's toy premiums and loyalty promotions.

Our company has supplied more than 4 billion premiums in this period and executed thousands of promotions with international clients in more than 30 countries around the globe.

The right marketing promotional concept can get the crucial momentum our customers and partners need.

A combination of strong creative insights together with our broad manufacturing, technical and worldwide packaging operations ensures the provision of top quality service you need while still meeting budgetary goals.

We create novelty premiums, loyalty and collectibles promotions


Producing quality products in the complex premiums, promotions and collectible toy world, requires tight operations control, strong engineering capabilities and creative cost analysis, from the initial design to the final packaging stage.

Our integrated manufacturing capabilities ensure quality control of our premiums, promotions and our collectible toy products. With our own facilities in the People's Republic of China, Brazil and international offices, we can support all your manufacturing needs.

To make sure your premiums, promotions, and collectible toys are of top quality, we engage in strict and demanding quality control practices. We work only under social accountability international standards, specializing in food inserts and we are in compliance with international stringent standards such as: CPSIA, EN-71, REACH and any other standard known.

We work with major laboratories such as: Bureau Veritas, SGS and ITS Ram, and all our products are fully inspected by these labs before shipment overseas.


Promotional premiums are in many cases, the greatest way to get your sales rolling. Sometimes jumping on the bandwagon of one of the larger media players, can be just perfect for a partner or client. At PPI Worldwide, we've completed many licensing deals and have taken them from specifications to manufacturing, transport, packaging and mass media.

We have outstanding on-going relationships with leading international entertainment and character licensing groups including Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, DC Comics, Rovio, Warner Bros, Pokémon, LFP, FC Barcelona, Luk Int., Dreamworks and Studio 100.


Witnessing to the new techological era we are living at, we have founded PPI Digital department in which we are aiming to link our physical products to the digital world.

We are giving to our clients full digital services including digital aspect in every loyalty campaign and also offering the most advanced technologies to our retail clients.