Nature Heroes

Together for nature

Client: Migros

Year: 2019

Country: Switzerland

 Category: Loyalty Campaigns

Nature Heroes campaign was launched by Migros in Switzerland from March 3rd to April 27th, 2020.

For every CHF. 20 spent in some Migros supermarkets or LeShop stores, customers will get a sticker + one seed pack + 1 point; the sticker and seeds are about different plans.

Complete the booklet with your points so you can get other products or discounts from the Migros Supermarket promotion products.

The Mechanics

Shop at Migros and get a sticker/point pack for CHF. 20 each.

Place the sticker in the booklet.

Exchange the full booklet for different gifts. Get your gift in exchange for 20 stickers or 40 stickers.


Insect Hotel

Indoor Herb Garden

Watering Can

Garden Tools

Paintable Planter

The stickers and the album

It’s that easy:
From March 3rd to April 27th, 2020 you will receive 1 sachet with 1 collectible sticker for every 20 purchases made at the Migros supermarket, Do It + Garden, LeShop and

In every sachet you will find:
1 collectible sticker, 1 out of 19 different seed sachets and 1 plant sticker for labeling the pot.


How does it work?

Online: Open the flower on the front. There is a donation code below that you can enter on the website to support the organization of your choice. Migros then makes a financial contribution (CHF 10.-) to the organization.

How to donate through Migros: After you have traded your full trading card for the donation card at the cash register, you can tick the organization you want to support at the bottom of the donation card. Then you can hand it over to the customer service representative of a Migros or Do it branch. Migros then makes a financial contribution (CHF 10.-) to the organization.