Monica becomes a Toy Art 


Monica's Gang and the main characters created by Mauricio de Sousa - including himself - turned into thumbnails

and unique style toy art. This is the collection GOGO'S ® Crazy Bones - Series Monica's Gang , launched throughout

the country exclusively by PANINI . 


One manifestation of contemporary art that appropriates the toy to combine design, fashion and etiquette,
the art toy miniatures are like paintings in three dimensions in which artists express themselves, as the designer

Rogerio Santos, the PPI Worldwide, which reinterpreted the Class of Monica's Gogo ® format under the supervision

of Mauricio de Sousa and Alice Takeda, art director of the Mauricio de Sousa Productions, representing the most

famous characters of Brazil.


"The journey of Monica's Gang for the universe of Gogo's ® was a cheap one. The transformation was beautiful. And

all this magic may confer with the wonderful collection of our main characters in the style's Gogo ®," says Mauricio de Sousa.


"Making symbolic characters like Monica's Gang in contemporary art, bringing this event to children and adults
throughout the country, in a format that is divided between toys and objects in the collection and decoration, is
undoubtedly a great achievement for Panini and consolidates a large investment in the national culture, "says José
Eduardo Martins Severo, CEO of PANINI .


The collection hits the market during the XV Biennial Book Rio in 2011, held from 1st to September 11th in Rio de Janeiro (RJ),

with the release of Picture Book GOGO'S ® Crazy Bones - series Monica's Gang . The album pages together 72 figures,

60 chromosomes represent each character transformed into Gogo ®, complete with the chips on the skills acquired at each

turn intoy art - speed, balance, jumping, strength - as well as 12 figurines in a gallery of fun scenes with multiple characters.


The nerds bring self-adhesive, and the image of the character in toy art , the name and number specific to each thumbnail

of Monica's Gang,which can be found variations in monochrome, multicolor hand painted in glitter and special material which

glows in the dark. The album also features suggestions for several games with miniatures, as Gogo ® Bowling, out Gogo ®,

Gogo ® in the air, Gogo ® in the basket, Gogo® Battle etc., Explaining the rules and possible scores.


Behavior - The idea of skill games with small parts dating back to the Stone Age, when cavemen were small bones toys

for their children. In ancient Greece, the astragal was a game with a small bone of the crowbar, used by children and adults.


The concept of concave and convex faces present in those bones ended up inspiring the format style of Gogo's ®, and the

many games that children invent to have fun with them.


The Gogo's ®, present in over 12 countries, are among the five most popular toys for the children of England and Spain,
and are a boom across Europe. But not just children who enjoy the miniatures: the toy art and its potential for artistic expression

in three dimensions winning more fans and become craze among adults all over the world. The proposal to turn in Monica's

Gang toy art unites fans of all ages around a common habit. The thumbnails are at the same time, toys for children to play and

have fun, and a collector's objects, to store and display as decoration.


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