StoryMania Concept

Clients: Migros

Year: 2017

Country: Switzerland

Category: Loyalty Campaigns

PPI Worldwide and Migros have joined forces to launch a Xmas holiday promotion of the StoryMania concept. The Xmas collection includes eight different NFC figurines, each character has its unique story inspired by Swiss publisher and its well-kown Spick Books for Children.

Stories encourage kids to practice values such as friendship, honesty, courage and reliability.

Special figurine from StoryMania (Series 1) can also be used to record a customer’s own story to be shared with his family and friends.

The Xmas collection is composed by 8 gnomes which have a red light on their cap. You can find them at the cashier of Migros supermarkets; the figurines are in fact the once doing the red light “Beep” under the cashier when scanning items. Each “beep” represents the joy of holiday celebration.

The X-mas collection is the 2nd StoryMania series that Migros launched in the same year after the big success of the 1st series that was one of the most innovative and technological promotion that a supermarket has ever done in Europe.

The collection also includes the special music box that, by NFC function, plays the stories of each figurine while the figurine is placed on top of it. This music box also server as a Bluetooth speaker and mobile charger.

Series 1

Series 2