Gogo's Xtreme in Holland


PPI Worldwide Group did the 4th consecutive Gogo’s promotion in partnership since

September 2009 with C1000 (Holland).


C1000 went extreme with their Xtreme Gogo's promotion. Boarding, biking, breakdancing and

more took place on stage with these Xtreme adventurists! 


X-Gogo’s were irresistible and jumped into action in every C1000 store.


With every € 10 spent the customer received a flowpack with an X-Gogo figurine and its matching

sports’ equipment.


The sports gear could be customized with the extra sticker sheet. There were weekend specials

available in which special Gogo’s with cool accessories were handed out with a minimum spend

of € 50. X-Gogo's interactive accessories were also given away for free with the purchase of

designated products.


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