Collectible Toys


At PPI Worldwide we are extremely proud of our collectible toy innovations, especially our current Gogo's Crazy Bones success. Together with Magic Box, we've created one of the most exciting and growing Collectible Toy Brands named Gogo's Crazy Bones. The Gogo's have been distributed in over 24 countries and continue growing rapidly.


We've designed many collectibles Toy Brands that worked exceptionally well such as Rappers, Beyblade Spinners, and Gogo's Crazy Bones. PPI Worldwide also manufactures successful products such as Pickers and Power Rollers for leading collectible toy market distributors. We don't rely on past achievements alone and work hard to ensure we have the right pipeline for future premium hype.


We know how to run incredibly effective, original and fun small collectible toy campaigns as well as the classic, licensed, larger-toy campaigns.


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