Coke Cups


Client: Coca-Cola and Avon Brazil

Product: Coca-Cola Tumblers in 3 designs

Country: Brazil


The Challenge: Coca-Cola was looking for a novelty mechanic promotional tool that would allow Coca-Cola

to escalate sales, without having to distribute premiums to the end users.  In the beverage industry, distributing

premiums to end user is usually limited to under-the-crown premiums.


The Solution: PPI  Worldwide offered Coca-Cola a co-promotion with Avon Cosmetics. The basic idea was

to use Avon Cosmetic's door to door sales infrastructure combined with a Coca-Cola massive advertising campaign.


Premium:  A Coca-Cola branded tumbler was personally delivered to customers in their homes for 3 UTC

(Under-The-Crown) bottle caps.


Results:  This promotional idea produced a genuine win-win situation whereby both companies sales dramatically

increased. Avon gained free advertising from Coca-Cola and Coca Cola benefitted from free personal home

distribution from Avon. The premium campaign successfully continued for 3 consecutive years.



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