Special Collectible Promotion with MIGROS, Captormania promotion in Switzerland



PPI Worldwide Group is proud to announce  the Captormania campaign was launched by MIGROS in Switzerland. This Captormania concept

was developed, produced, and supplied by PPI and adapted in cooperation with Migros' Creative team.


PPI supplied this great Promotion, a High Edge AR Application for kids to enjoy, which included an on-line digital album, that enabled them

to play a great race game, watch the Captormania characters animated, collect digital stickers, take pictures, videos and selfies with their

favorite Captormania characters.


During the campaign, the captors could be obtained for every  20 CHF purchased. Customers could also purchase all the Captormania

retail products including plush figurines, backpacks and suitcases, pasta meals, lunch boxes and water bottles, among others, that were

available in all MIGROS Supermarkets and Convenience Stores.


Special  Jokers Captors were distributed during special days during the promotions. Visit www.captormania.ch for further information.


Story Board:  Captormania tells the wonderful story about the City of Aquantis that was swallowed up in the ocean depths and is home

to five clans of Captors with amazing characters and submarines. 


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