Client: C1000 a Dutch Supermarket Chain, owned by Schuitema

Product: C1000 Gogo's

Country: The Netherlands


The Challenge: C1000 wanted to drive it's customers to supermarkets by offering them a novel premium not based on loyalty mechanics, coupons or point collection.


The Solution:  PPI  Worldwide took its collectible toy Gogo's, then unknown in the Netherlands and based a brand loyalty campaign around it. A new Gogo's Crazy Bones series was created for C1000 called "Megatrip".  Each 10 Euro purchase was rewarded with one free Gogo's packet  - there were no points to be collected. In parallel, the Gogo's collectibles were advertised on children’s channels, billboards, in-store materials and on the C1000 website.


Results: During the campaigning period, C1000’s turnover increased by 9%, with more than two-thirds coming from new customer traffic. This campaign won two prizes for the best advertising campaign and the best retail promotional campaign.



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