Groovy Gogo's



Long-term programs have a substantial effect on buyer behavior and on the customer lifetime

value of customers.


PPI Worldwide Group sold to C1000 in Holland two very successful Gogo’s promotions and succeeded

to a third consecutive time with the “Cool Gogo’s Promotion” that was launched in August 2011.


Cool Gogo’s has 60 different Gogo’s designs all related to music.  C1000 contracted Talpa Music

and in conjunction with PPI, created a new Promotional Music Revolutionary Concept, adding to the

original concept and a more novel and solid Promotional Mechanic.


Talpa and C1000 chose 6 from the 60 characters and defined them as the “Cool Gogo’s Band”. 

Talpa then created a very appealing song and music video clip produced in Miami with

professional performers and they named this video clip as “THE BREAKZ”.


A month prior to the launch of the promotion, “THE BREAKZ” music clip was launched in Holland

via YouTube and a famous Dutch blogger causing a “National Hype” prior to the

launch of the Cool Gogo’s Promotion.


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