Loyalty programs with Albert

Groovy Gogo's Promotion in Czech Republic



PPI Worldwide Group launched the Groovy Gogo’s campaign in partnership

with Albert Supermarkets in the Czech Republic.


During the Albert campaign, for every 200 Kroners spent in any Albert’s Store,

customers would receive a flowpack of Cool Gogo’s Figurines.


Customers could also purchase all the Groovy Gogo’s retail products including:

plush figurines, Mega Gogo’s, Skullcaps and Albums that are available in all

the Albert Supermarkets and Convenience Stores.


A unique Groovy Gogo’s microsite directly linked to the Albert’s website was

specially designed and produced for kids to learn all about this campaign.


In addition to the website, kids could also enjoy an on-line Digital Album where

they could virtually complete their own Gogo’s Collection. They could compete

and compare with their friends to see which Gogo’s and stickers they got,

allowing them to swap collections and collect missing figurines.


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