About PPI Worldwide



PPI Worldwide makes successful promotional campaigns by using strong creative abilities and practical know-how. We work to unlock sales potential by providing novel, sales-impacting solutions, primarily focusing

on our partners' successes, ensuring that they profit from our artistic and ingenious attention to detail.


That is why they choose us over and over again.


When we say "strong creative abilities" we truly mean it. Our company has proven consistent creative innovation, proprietary brands and novel premiums, many of which have been strongly embraced by the market.


We are enthusiastic about our innovations, always making sure everything we imagine can be realistically designed, manufactured, packaged, transported and delivered. We strive to maintain excellence, cost control

and quality in our integrated worldwide operations.

We work under stringent quality control, and social accountability international standards. We specialize in food inserts and are in compliance with international stringent standards such as CPSIA & ICTI


  PPI Worldwide is a global marketing solutions agency focused in creating novelty premiums, brand loyalty promotions and collectible toys production.

Our collectible toy portfolio and manufacturing
expertise are unmatched.