The next hit has arrived!

Abatons Animals is now on Spain's market



PPI Worldwide Group, creator of the famous Gogo's Crazybones has developed the new hit named ABATONS,

a new playful and buildable collectible toy. The new brand was launched in conjunction with Panini,

and it will be distributed in all kiosks and supermarket chains.


There are 80 different collectible animal characters that come from all over the world, distributed into 8 clans such as:

Koori from Asia and Australia, Groen from the North and the South poles, Massakkis from the savannah, Yungas from the jungle,

Atalantir from the ocean, Icarus from the sky, Sakkari from the desert and Nibet from the high mountains.



The Abatons have a unique hexagonal base shape and lid that allows to stack them and build or to be used

as a dice due to the points on their heads. The product is now on the market, and it is currently distributed in Spain by Panini.


Different items were developed to complete the Abatons range that include: a Blind Bag, a Starter Pack (contains: connectors,

album and collector’s bag + 1 Golden Abaton) and the Collector’s Box.


To discover the Abatons’ World visit their website at