Real Poland- Megatrip Gogo's


Client: Real Poland

Product: Gogo's Megatrip and Mega Gogo's

Country: Poland


The Challenge:  Real Poland wanted to promote sales in it's supermarkets and create a brand loyalty campaign that would have an immediate impact on sales. It chose the toy collectible model for rewards, based on previous accomplishments of Gogo's campaigns.


The Solution: PPI Worldwide created a novel promotional Gogo's series instead of the typical loyalty mechanics whereby consumers were given a Gogo's pack with each 12.5 Euro purchase.  The campaign was supported by both the supermarket chain and four main supplier-sponsors using both TV advertising and a dedicated Gogo's site created by PPI’s website platform to drive demand.


Result: Sales were impacted positively and the inventory was exhausted 10 days before campaign's end.



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